Exercise At Home Without Equipment – Important Details You Need To Know

We all want that lean body. More than the aesthetics, being physically fit gives us that added boost of confidence as we go about our daily tasks. Not only do we look good, we feel good about ourselves and are better equipped to handle the daily stresses at work and in our personal lives.

But not everyone can go to the gym to workout. Some are pressed for time. Others are pressed for money, while still others just don’t feel motivated to get a gym membership for countless other reasons. But gym or no gym, the truth of the matter remains: Exercise is necessary if we want to experience the benefits of a lean and healthy body.

If gym isn’t an option, that doesn’t mean that you can’t workout anywhere else. And what better place to do that than right in the comfort of your very own home? In fact, it’s not simply an alternative option, it’s the ideal place to get fit. For starters, you’ve got everything you need within arms’ reach. Water, mat, your favorite music – everything is right where you need it.

“But I don’t have fitness equipment at home”, you say? Well, who said you needed fitness equipment to get a good workout? Yes, it’s possible, and here are some secrets to giving your body an ultra-successful workout right in the comfort of your own crib:

*Do bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises are workouts you do without equipment. Instead of using dumbbells, you exercise using your own weight as resistance. Calisthenics, crunches, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats — these are all bodyweight exercises that you can do right at home. Start slow, but as you gain more stamina, build up your intensity as well. This will give your body that full body workout it needs. As opposed to strength training exercises done in the gym that usually focus on one particular muscle group at a time, bodyweight exercises target multiple joints and muscle groups and give you a full body workout. Don’t forget to stretch before you do your routine. Cool down after.

*Play your favorite music. Home workouts need not be boring routines. You can do it with your favorite beat so you have added zest in your regimen.

*Set a schedule. This gives your workout a sense of focus. You can do it in the morning before you go to work or perhaps in the afternoons or evenings as soon as you arrive from work. No matter what schedule you choose, stick to it so you establish rhythm and regularity.

*Workout with a family member. Encourage your spouse or your children to join you. Working out can be a fun family activity that you can do together. It’s a good way to establish a fitness routine with your kids too.

*Motivate yourself to train harder each day. Again, intensity is key if you want to make bodyweight exercises give you that lean and fit body you’ve been dreaming of.

*Make sure that you integrate proper diet from a variety of food sources into your home workout regimen. You’ll just waste precious time exercising if you don’t watch what you eat.

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