The Key to the Ultimate Workout Chest Routine

If you want to grow chest muscles women will drool at and men will envy, you should take what you know about workout chest routines and toss it out of the window. You don’t need to do more muscle sets or work out longer than anyone else. What you need to do is perform muscle training once a week, tops.

“But wait a minute,” you’re most likely telling yourself now. “Work out less to gain more muscled? Are you insane?”

I wish I could tell you I am, so you’ll feel better about all that time you spent in the gym, doing workout chest routines until you drop to your knees in exhaustion. But the truth is, if you’ve been doing muscle sets daily for two hours a day, you’re not helping your body become more muscular. If anything, you are doing the opposite – you are stopping your body from growing muscles.

Pros know that overtraining is a real danger they have to work hard to avoid. When you train too hard too fast, your muscles will not grow stronger and larger. This is because the real muscle building happens outside the gym, while you’re resting or eating. What you do in the gym (or at home or wherever it is you’re doing your workout chest routines) is stimulate the muscle growth process. In other words, your muscle sets are a hint to your body to start building muscle tissues. But after you’ve stimulated your muscles, you have to give them time to rest. Overtraining stresses the muscles past the point of recovery. When you overtrain muscles, you stunt their growth.

So, the next time you feel like doing a set a few minutes longer, stop. The key to maximum muscle building is not working out harder or faster but working out smarter. In most instances, smarter means moderately.

Brian Hortensen believes you have the right to become beautifully muscled. An expert on muscle building with two titles to his name, he writes for the popular website MuscleGaining.Net. Get started on your muscle building now — check out the website for free tips on how to workout chest and more!

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