Building Muscle Routines – Gain Slabs of Mass With These Building Muscle Routines

If you take a look around most weight rooms today, you’ll see tons of people doing random exercises with no particular direction. Nobody knows how to really train anymore, and they have no idea where to find good building muscle routines.

This article will explain 2 of the best building muscle routines. At the end of the article, discover the best system for building muscle fast, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds of muscle in just 6 months.

Upper Body / Lower Body Split

These building muscle routines involve training 4 days per week and alternating upper body and lower body workouts. They are the best systems for beginners, and will do an excellent job of building overall muscle mass.

For the upper body days, alternate the bench press and the military press as the main exercise for the day. Always do 2 additional pressing exercises afterward, such as dumbbell presses, dips, or machine presses. Then, do one pull-up variation, and one row variation. Finish up with work for arms.

For the lower body days, alternate the squat and deadlift as the main movement. Afterward, do 2 more legs exercises such as leg presses or lunges. Finish up with heavy abdominal and calf exercises.

Body Part Split

These are more advanced building muscle routines, but they will still help you build tons of muscle mass. They involve splitting your training week into 5 days: chest, legs, shoulders, arms, and back. Do these when you have developed enough strength and intensity to really pound one muscle group at a time.

For chest day, do bench press variations and flies.

For legs day, perform squats, leg presses, and other legs exercises. You can also do your abs and calves work on this day, as well. This will be your hardest training day of the week.

For shoulders day, do overhead presses, side raises, rear raises, and shrugs.

For arms day, do many kinds of curls and extensions. Throw in some close-grip bench presses, as well.

For back day, do deadlifts, rows, and pull-ups. This is a very taxing day, almost as hard as leg day.

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