Resistance Bands Exercises For Chest – Chest Press

Exercise bands are so versatile you can use them anyway you want to train any muscle you want and work out anywhere you want too. To build some chest muscle, a great exercise is the chest press with exercise bands. You actually need a bit more than just your tubes.

Indeed, you will need a stationary object to wrap the band around, like a post. I’ve seen people tying their band to a door handle, but I’m not sure it’s the safest thing to do. That’s why I recommend to get some sort of door attachment. Hopefully some exercise bands manufacturers provide it with your set of bands. This opens the door to so much more exercises.

Here’s how you perform the chest press with exercise bands:

1. Wrap the band around a post or pass it through the door anchor provided with your set. Grab the band by the handles, each in one hand, your back to the post or door. The band should be at chest height, but with a door attachment system can also be placed lower so you train on another angle.

2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, you may have to make one little foot step so you have one a bit in front of the other to stabilize your body. Have your hands with handles to your chest height, palms down. That’s the starting position

3. Press the handles in front of you, still at chest height, by extending your arms parallel to the floor. You will feel the tension in your chest. Get back to the starting position by keeping control of the tension, you’ve just performed one chest press rep.

You should be able to perform 8 to 12 reps and if you can go over 12 then it’s time to use a stronger tension resistance band. There are more chest exercises you can do with exercise bands, chest press being only one of those.

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