Home Workouts ? How to Look Great By Doing Home Workouts Exclusively!

If you’re looking for info on home workouts specifically for gaining mass and building muscles, then you might want to take a few moments to read the next few paragraphs.

You’re going to discover the minimum home exercise equipment needed for total body development, ideal home workouts for packing on pounds of lean mass, plus how to boost muscle growth during sleep.

So, are you ready? If so, let’s get started…

Best home exercises for building muscles:

There are numerous bodyweight routines that you can do at home. Some of the best ones are wide-grip dips and push-ups for building an impeccable chest, bodyweight shoulder shrugs, close-grip pull-ups for biceps development, wide-grip pull-ups for widening your back and so on.

But what about free iron weight exercises?

I’m glad you asked! When I first began working out, I did it from the comfort of my home for nearly 2 years. You’ll need the following equipment for your home workouts…

First start with the basics…an adjustable bench and a couple of adjustable dumbbells (DB) with additional weight plates.

With these “bare essential” equipment, you can perform all kinds of proven muscle mass building routines like DB bench press, DB pull-over and DB flyes for total chest development.

DB shoulder/Arnold press, DB shrugs, lateral raise for building herculean shoulders. DB deadlifts and DB rows will thicken your back muscles. While DB squats, DB stiff-legged deadlifts and DB calve raise will turn your legs into pillars of muscle!

Later, you may purchase other equipment to add variety to your home workouts. Things like Olympic barbell with plates, EZ bar and perhaps a squat rack (I custom made mine).

How to support muscle growth even while you’re fast asleep…

It’s simple. Before crashing to bed, consume a small meal comprising of slow-digesting protein. I recommend cottage cheese with some oatmeal, or whey protein powder blended with a cup of low-fat milk.

Yes, it’s POSSIBLE to develop a great looking physique by doing home workouts exclusively. By the way, do you want more muscle development tips, recipes, free reports plus details on how to get a complete “plug n play” muscle-building program and also anabolic meal recipes program?

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Jerry Gazila

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