Highly Effective Leg Home Workout – No Equipment Required

The goals of an effective leg home workout are to burn fat and build lean muscle. To accomplish this no expensive gym membership is required. No in home equipment is required for an excellent leg workout either. Save money, time and increase benefits by using various combinations of the following excellent exercises.

The Exercises

· lateral lunges

· two leg hip extension

· Hindu squats

· one leg hip extension

· Siff squats

· Bulgarian split squat

· one leg Romanian dead lifts

· one leg squat

· step ups

· cross over lunges

· jump lunges

· lunge and squat isometric holds

These exercises will truly give you the most benefit in the least amount of time. In fact, the exercises in that list will allow you to sculpt your legs to a greater extent than any machine at a gym could ever do.

The Technique

· Choose any combination of exercises – anywhere from two to five different exercises.

· Perform eight to 20 repetitions for each exercise, depending on the difficult of the exercise. For example: a one leg squat is much harder than two leg hip extension. As a results, the one leg squat would be performed for fewer reps (about five to eight) and the two leg hip extension could be performed for higher reps (10 to 20).

· Repeat each repetition very quickly all while:

· Maintaining control and correct form.

· To add intensity and for variety, alternate rapid repetitions with slow and controlled repetitions. For example, perform 10 repetitions of bodyweight squats as fast as possible, and then perform 10 more repetitions in a very slow and controlled motion.

The Ultimate Leg Workout

· 24 bodyweight squats

· 24 forward lunges (12 each leg)

· 24 jump lunges (12 each leg)

· 24 jump squats

· Repeat if possible

In this example, you will perform each exercise for the prescribed amount of repetitions without resting between exercises. Finish the circuit as fast as possible.

A truly excellent and effective leg workout is limited only by your imagination. There are endless ways to combine the listed exercises into an at home work out that will develop and tone your legs as you burn calories and increase your stamina. The possibilities are endless!

Try creating your own leg home workouts by combining any of the previously mentioned exercises. Perform them in different rep ranges (lower reps and higher reps) and vary the speed at which you perform each exercise to add variety and intensity.

These home workouts will help you sculpt your legs and burn off unwanted body fat. Now you can finally get more results in less time.

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