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P90X home fitness workouts- one of the best workouts you can do at home.Obesity is one of the rising problems of modern time. One of the main reasons behind obesity is static lifestyle and junk food. Obesity is not only reason of many severe diseases but it is also found that obese people are low in confidence. Due to busy lifestyle and short of time we often try out home fitness program. One of such top rated home fitness program is P90X home workout. It is easy to follow and save the time you need to invest in your gym. Though there are a lot of home fitness program available in market, let us see what P90X offers.

P90X home workout is 90 days long package. The package includes 13 DVDs out of which 12 DVDs explain different type of workouts which works on almost all parts of body like leg, abs, chest and backs. It also illustrate how to workout so that you will not injured during exercise sessions which is very important otherwise things get more worse. Aside from DVDs, P90X comprises of a nutrition guide to follow up. Actually it is very important to fulfill essential energy that body needs. The package also consists of calendar to follow up the progress. Now the important thing one should keep in the mind is you have to follow up the suit for 90 days to get desirable result.

Though P90X exercise works on whole body but it is based on keeping “muscle in confusion” by various exercise so that muscle wouldn’t take any shape. The workouts are explained in DVDS. It works especially on lean muscle and you might find stretching and cardio workouts illustration in the DVD as well. So that after 90 days you will get most out of it.

When comes to workouts, all P90X workouts are not freehand workouts, you need common workout tools like dumb bell, stretching band etc.

Another incredible part of P90X home workout is its diet guide though it was clearly mention that you can’t expect a prompt result by simply following the guide but over the time you will see the changes. In fact, it is guide to select right diet so that your body will get proper energy while workouts. The diet is divided into 3 parts. Each part has its own importance. The first part helps to remove fats and it consists of high protein diet. Not only it helps to shed fat but it works to build up muscles as well. The second part includes good amount of carbohydrate and protein with low fats to fill the gap of additional energy require during workouts. The third part also called “Endurance Maximizer” is comprises of complex carbohydrates and lean protein. The diet also contain fatty foods but in low amount. It is typical athletic diet which require as energy supplier during last few weeks to get best result.

Now comes to the cost of the P90X home fitness workout package, The whole packages comes with price tag of $ 150( approx) which is a moderate amount and is easily available in stores.

It is always better to read user reviews if you want to buy P90X fitness program package. Needless to say it is one of the popular fitness program and positive P90X reviews are scattered in the web.

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