How To Build Muscle Without Weights

Choosing on where you want to exercise, be it at home or the gym, is an important factor to helping you accomplish your fitness goals . There are many factors to consider that need to be evaluated when deciding which is one is the best place to exercise at. . Once you determined what place is best suited for you to go exercise at, you can then focus on building your workout routines .

As you probably know, working out at home has many advantages. Two of the most obvious are convenience and finances. The cost of a monthly membership, the time it takes to drive to the gym, high gas prices, having no one to watch your kids, can make it difficult for most people to consider the gym as best option to get in shape. On the other hand, one might consider a big disadvantage from working out at home instead of the gym. That of course would be access to weight equipment.

One must consider the disadvantages and advantages when deciding what the best choice is. Of course a big advantage to working out at the gym is having access to weight equipment . But gym fees can be a bit costly for some . It can be considerably time consuming to drive to the gym. Gyms can also be over crowded making it difficult for you to get access to any the equipment you might need . On the other hand, training at home can save you money and less time consuming. Not to mention it can be a lot less frustrating While definetly being more convenient, unless you can knowledgably come up with an effective workout program you can do with little to no equipment and with minimal room, working out at home me not be your best option.

Filling your home with bulky, expensive weight equipment can take up a lot of room The good news is you really dont need a whole bunch of weight equipment if your trying to get in shape . With the proper workout routine you dont need to use weights and you can workout practically anywhere in the house. This is done by combining Plyometrics with Calisthenics into a Circuit Training Routine .

Calisthenics + Plyometrics = Circuit Training

This form of circuit training, consist of using your own body weight as resistance(calisthenics) to build muscle, strength, and flexibility, combined with using explosive movements to develop muscle power(plyometrics). Plyometrics involves jumping and bounding exercises that are great for developing acceleration, speed, and power. It is a great method for improving you overall physical abilities by making you more explosive and improves your reaction time . As stated earlier, these two exercise methods will be combined into a individual movement. With the callisthenic move being the base move and the plyo move is added to the very end or height of the movement . Good examples of exercises that combine both calisthenics with plyometrics are clapping pushups or a squat jumps .

The exercise movements consist of core exercises which will work most of your entire body, which is most effective for building muscle and functional strength. As well as improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. By working your core you will burn a lot more fat and build muscle faster then you would if you just focused on your individual muscle groups. The circuit training routine you will perform consist of doing 4 sets with 5 exercise movements for each set. Instead of doing a set number of reps for every exercise, each one will last the duration of a minute. So each set will last for a total of 5 minutes. Excluding the time it takes to go from workout to workout. There should be no more then 15 seconds rest between each exercise.

This adds the element of aerobic conditioning, which will build your cardiovascular strength and burn a crazy amount of calories . There is a minute rest between each set and there are 4 sets total. There are really only two sets you will do for a total of ten different movements. The first set you will do again the third set and the second set you will do again on the fourth.

One thing to remember is that when doing any exercise movement, even as basic as a pushup, it can be difficult to do it correctly if you have never done it before or if you never were taught how to do it right . It is always more important to do the move correctly then it is to a bunch of reps and do wrong. Quality over quantity . You might not be working as hard while trying to learn the proper form at first, it will take time and patience, but if done correctly you will start to see results a lot sooner . If you do it wrong and keep doing it wrong, you will not see much progress . Its good to have a mirror or even video record yourself to make the proper corrections to your form .

Body weight circuit training should be done 3x a week with Interval Running done twice a week, to achieve the best results to building your ideal body .

While weight lifting might be better for building muscle mass and overall strength, this workout will actually get you in better shape, youll get ripped faster, youll develop great explosive power, you still build lots of muscle, and youll have better overall functional strength and endurance.

(Each round last for 5 mins, 1 minute per-exercise. 1 minute rest between rounds. You will complete each round twice consecutively, for a total of 4 rounds. It will look like this. Round 1, rest, Round 2, rest, Round 1, rest, Round 2, finish.)


Set: 1

* Prison Squats
* Military Pushups
* Skaters
* Hindu Squats
* Running in place as fast as you can

Set: 2

* Push-Ups
* Split Jump Lunge
* Jump Knee Tuck
* Hindu Pushup
* Mountain Climbers


Set: 1

* Wall Walk (Stand a few feet away from a wall with your back facing it. Bend backward into a bridge by walking yourself down the wall with your hands. Try to touch your head to the ground and climb yourself back up again. Repeat)
* Prison Squats (Burpees)
* Hindu Push-Ups
* Split Jump Lunge
* Mountain Climbers

Round 2:

* Jump Knee Tuck (If you have stairs jump to the highest stair you possibly can. Then run back down and repeat.)
* Claping Push-Ups
* Skaters
* Military Push-Up’s
* Running in Place as fast as you can or Punching with Weights (3 to 5 pound dumbbells preferred)

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