The Best Workout Program to Develop Your Shoulders

If you want to ascertain the effectiveness of your workout then you just need to pay attention to how you FEEL when you work out. This is the surest way of knowing if the workout you are following is useful for you to continue with or not. While working out if you don’t feel the tension building in your muscles, if your breath does not shorten or if you don’t feel the pain after working out, then it is no good continuing what you are doing.

If you don’t know this already then you should know now that if you want to have a good shape to your body then you need to concentrate on your shoulders. If you develop your shoulders well enough then it accentuates the entire body and its posture.

The most basic workout involving the development of your shoulders includes weight lifting. Start with lifting dumb bells. Don’t use the heaviest dumb bell you can lay your hands on. Develop your shoulders by gradually increasing the weight and duration of the dumb bell lift. While lifting it you should be slightly bent around the hips while keeping the wrists straight. Bring up the dumb bells to your ears each time. Once you are used to lifting the weights you should start with the heaviest one while working out and go to the lightest one as you proceed.

You should be lifting the dumb bells in two ways: first by keeping your arms to the side of your body, like the flapping of bird wings. Don’t try doing it too fast as you might strain your ligaments. Once you enter into the mode continue lifting the dumb bells, but this time from the first, while keeping the arms parallel to the ground. Doing this regularly will develop your shoulders gradually.

You should also try the complete lateral raise with your dumb bells. This requires you to lift the dumb bells, once to the side, once to the front and once above your head. This raises the intensity of the workout manifold.

However, you need to be very careful so as to not lift the weights in jerking motions. This involves a high risk of injury. You can tear ligaments or suffer from muscle tear if you don’t keep your arms steady while lifting the dumb bells.

The next step towards your shoulder development workout involves the pulling of cable cross rows. However, in order to up the intensity quotient you should pull the right stirrup with your left hand and the left with your right hand. Do this for sometime with medium tension. Then increase the tension as you continue. Make sure the cables are fixed at angles of 45 degrees.

Use a barbell plate for this next exercise. Hold the plate to the front of your body and lift it up. Repeat this process a considerable number of times.

All these workout tactics concentrate on your shoulders. If you want to develop your shoulders then you need to follow these tips and do them regularly. Unless you keep up with the regime and up your intensity consistently you will not be able to build sufficient muscle mass and tone your shoulders.

Remember, the shoulders give shape to your entire body.

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