Beginner Interval Training – Bodyweight Workout You Can Do at Home

There are two things that are important to me when it comes to effective workouts:

Must be completed with limited time
Must be completed with limited equipment

This is why bodyweight training is the perfect option for me. In addition, I love designing Interval workouts. Interval training is where you alternate with periods of high intensity exercise and periods of low intensity, or complete rest. Here are some effective Interval Training schemes;


The first number represents the length of the work interval, and the second number represents the rest period.

The Exercises

Knee Pushups – Place your palms on the ground at shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and use them as a point of pivot as you lower your body towards the floor. Stop when your chest is just an inch off the floor. Push back up to starting position.

Parallel Jump Squat – Drop down into a parallel squat, then explode up.

Jumping Pullups – Grab a pullup bar with a palms facing away from you grip. Perfom the jumping pullup the same way as a jumping chinup. You do not need to hold the top position or the slow negative.

The Workout

Let’s say that we had just 20 minutes to workout. Beginners should start off with a work to rest ratio of 1:1. This means that you rest as much as you work. If you are extremely out of shape, you may want to rest double the amount that you work.

Using the 1:1 ratio rule, we come up with 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest. Each set will last one minute. If you are performing 3 exercises, then each round will last 3 minutes. 6 rounds will last 18 minutes, which is under your 20 minute ceiling.

Here is what the workout would look like:

6 rounds of:

Knee Pushups, 30/30
Parallel Jump Squat, 30/30
Jumping Pullups, 30/30

Use an interval timer to keep track of the intervals. You can use a cell phone, a GymBoss timer, or go to See if you can record how many total repetitions you perform during the workout. The following week, try to perform more repetitions within that time frame.

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