Getting your Goals- Read “The Art of Lazy Rich People”

Sometimes, we don’t understand why we are not getting the results we want. “The Art of Lazy Rich People” is what we need. This book shows you where you have been looking and where chances are. Read this article to find the answer for you.



I surely can’t say the same about everyone, but I for sure was focusing on my results a lot and I only went as far as my actions and still there was no answer to why I am not getting the results I want. Have you had the same experience? So, where is the problem?


I’ve come to realize: actually there is no problem in the first place. You see my actions gave rise to my results. I missed the boat altogether; in the process of eagerness to see the results I want. So what did I do when I don’t get the results I want? I went back to my actions and tweak it, right? Did you also do that? Well I did, and I am sure a lot of you reading this did too, not all of you, just a lot of you. What went wrong? I backtrack the whole process after being enlightened by my teacher. In order not to infringe his Copyright, I coined my own process and named it ” I V A R ” for ease. The entire process starts with an Idea, which gave me my Views that lead me to Act, giving rise to my final Result.

Using this process I back tracked and studied what I did. I found out that I had short-circuited this process, when I did not get the Results I want, I only went back to tweak my Actions. What I realize I have to do is to go all the way back to my Idea, not my Actions and not even my Views. It got to be all the way to the very beginning at my Idea stage.


Imagine, if we had an Idea that was flawed right at the beginning, it would have lead to an equally flawed View generating a flawed Act and finally arriving at the undesired Result. So what I need to work on is at the very beginning, the Idea. The Idea is what I think of. Let me demonstrate this with a common phrase I learned from my childhood; we think if we study hard, we will get good results. The Idea started off when ‘we think’. This gave rise to the View of ‘we study’ leading off to ‘we will’. The action we put in place is ‘study hard’ and we conclude with ‘good results’. Does it make sense?


So if I am not getting the results I want, chances are I are NOT looking in the right place – My origin, Idea, was flaw. Imagine you are a table tennis player (or any sport you are passionate about, it could be golf or swimming, etc.) you have reached the final game. What’s in our mind? (Idea) What are you thinking of? (Idea). If you could not convince your mind that you believe truly that you could win the final game. Do you think you could win? NO, you can’t, in fact you might as well walk over the final game, don’t waste your time, don’t waste the time of you opponent. We have to be able to walk into the final game with absolutely no doubt that we will win. So, if you can’t believe yourself to be wealthy beyond your widest dream, do you think you will ever be wealthy? Well I know the answer, do you?


Please don’t believe a word I say here. The reason I say this is because, what I say comes only from my and ONLY MY personal experiences. It does not make it right, it does not make it wrong. I urge you to take what I say here, test it, verify it, use it … and if it works for you, please keep doing it and if it does not work, you are most welcome to try something else.

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